Research Contacts

Dr. Mohamed N. Rahaman, director

Center for Biomedical Science and Engineering (CBSE)

Professor of ceramic engineering
Office: B45 McNutt Hall
Phone: (573) 341-4711

Dr. Kamal Khayat, director

Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies (CIES)

Vernon and Maralee Jones Professor of Civil Engineering
Office: 224 Engineering Research Lab
Phone: (573) 341-6223

Dr. Donald Edward Hagen, director

Cloud and Aerosol Sciences Laboratory (CASL)

Professor of physics
Office: G-7 Norwood Hall
Phone: (573) 341-4351

Dr. Joseph D. Smith, director

Energy Research and Development Center (ERDC)

Wayne and Gayle Laufer Energy Chair
Office: 134 Schrenk Hall
Phone: (573) 341-4294

Dr. Joel Burken, director

Environmental Research Center for Emerging Contaminants (ERCEC)

Professor of civil, architectural and environmental engineering
Office: 224 Butler-Carlton Hall
Phone: (573) 341-6547

Dr. Ming Leu, director

Intelligent Systems Center (ISC)

Keith and Pat Bailey Professor of Integrated Product Manufacturing
Office: 320 Engineering Research Lab
Phone: (573) 341-4482

Dr. Matthew J. O'Keefe, director

Materials Research Center (MRC)

Professor of metallurgical engineering
Office: 223 McNutt Hall
Phone: (573) 341-6764

Dr. Stewart Gillies, director

Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center (RMERC)

Union Pacific-Rocky Mountain Energy Professor
Office: 226 McNutt Hall
Phone: (573) 341-4365