Missouri S&T’s Smart Living signature area seamlessly improves quality of life by transforming home, workplace, transportation and energy infrastructures into “smart” environments.  

Smart Living increases our understanding of how people and technology interact by combining sensing with physical action, social behavior analysis, data analytics, engineering, technology, communication and decision-making into a single, integrated concept. 

All kinds of smart

Smart Living means more than creating intelligent cities, homes and infrastructure. It also means designing systems that people can and will use.

Smart Living research areas include: 

  • Smart grid and transportation systems: Intelligent peer-to-peer systems manage renewable energy resources, like wind and solar, backed by energy storage, including fuel cells and batteries, to provide energy to buildings.(Missouri S&T’s Solar Village is a “micro” example of a smart grid in operation.) Transportation and energy systems interlink with improved urban planning to provide individualized, cost-efficient transportation.
  • Decision-making and governance: Smart living requires more than data and analytics. Understanding how people process, react to, and interact with information and technology will lead to a sustainable shared governance of resources.
  • Privacy and security: Intelligent systems must be resilient to security attacks while maintaining personal privacy and supporting the users’ trust in the system. In Smart Living, people must adapt to the technology and the technology must adapt to the people. The result is enhanced trust and security.
  • Building materials: New smart materials turn buildings into “living laboratories” that, through advanced analytics, provide feedback to inform users as well as to adapt to human behavior. This leads to improved infrastructure, chemical or biological environments, and decision making. Embedded sensors can monitor how efficiently a building uses energy, water or even bandwidth, thereby empowering people to make informed decisions on how to use resources wisely.

Exceptional faculty and facilities

Missouri S&T’s multidisciplinary Smart Living team combines the university’s strengths in energy research, architectural design, computing, environmental sustainability and transportation infrastructure with emerging strengths in organizational behavior, design, process improvement, social dynamics, policy, and usability to develop a more secure, sustainable and adaptable society. The Smart Living signature area also involves industry partners and University of Missouri System campuses to make the research a statewide effort.