Missouri S&T Signature Research Areas

The pursuit of innovative, collaborative applications with faculty and researchers at Missouri S&T has helped the university define its research and teaching strengths. The following four signature research areas connect to long-term critical national issues, research and entrepreneurship potential, and align with Missouri S&T’s strategic plan. These areas are Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure, Enabling Materials for Extreme Environments, and Smart Living.‌

Advanced Manufacturing

S&T emphasizes instruction and research in the emerging fields of additive manufacturing; energy manufacturing; micro- and nano-scale manufacturing; network-centric and cloud manufacturing; advanced materials for manufacturing; and intelligent, sensor-enabled manufacturing.

The area is led by a multidisciplinary team of researchers. That team includes Dr. Ming Leu, the Keith and Pat Bailey Missouri Distinguished Professor of Integrated Product Manufacturing; Dr. Wayne Huebner, professor and chair of materials science and engineering; Dr. Jag Sarangapani, the William A. Rutledge-Emerson Electric Co. Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Dr. Suzanna Long, assistant professor of engineering management and systems engineering; Dr. Frank Liu, professor of computer science; Dr. Greg Hilmas, Curators’ Professor of ceramic engineering; and Dr. Frank Liou, the Michael and Joyce Bytnar Professor of Product Innovation and Creativity.

Advanced Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the foundation that connects the nation’s businesses, communities and people, driving our economy and improving our quality of life. This area focuses on the rehabilitation of urban mass-transportation centers, including highways, bridges, tunnels, rail, airports, and port and water navigation channels, as well as utility infrastructure. It encompasses four S&T research centers and six academic departments and is led by Dr. Kamal Khayat, the Vernon and Maralee Jones Professor of Civil Engineering and director of Missouri S&T’s Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies.

Enabling Materials for Extreme Environments

Missouri S&T leads in developing materials that can withstand ultra-high temperatures. Under the direction of Drs. Bill Fahrenholtz and Greg Hilmas, both Curators’ Professors in ceramic engineering, this signature area involves researchers from chemistry, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering and physics.

Smart Living

S&T’s research strengths in this signature area include cyber security, sustainable energy research, big data analytics, architectural design, behavioral and environmental psychology, and transportation and infrastructure to lead research and development efforts toward a more secure and sustainable society.

The multidisciplinary Smart Living initiative is led by Drs. Sanjay Madria and Bruce McMillin, both professors of computer science, and Dr. Glenn Morrison, professor of civil, architectural and environmental engineering. Other faculty from those departments, as well as faculty from business and information technology, chemical and biochemical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, engineering management and systems engineering, mathematics and statistics, mechanical and aerospace engineering, and psychological sciences contribute to this effort.