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Our faculty publish over a thousand papers every year on various research topics.

We collect all of those publications on Scholars' Mine, which has had over 42 thousand publications submitted and over 3 million publication download since its inception.

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Missouri S&T subscribes to ProQuest PIVOT. Faculty and students can use this to:

  • Find and track funding opportunities including grants, fellowships, travel money, prizes, awards, visiting scholar programs, etc.
  • Identify researcher expertise from within or outside of Missouri S&T.

New user steps are:

  1. Register 
  2. Claim your profile 
  3. Use it!

Login. Once initially set up, you can access PIVOT from any device.

These short YouTube Videos from 1.56.2 minute training bites are available within the PIVOT website on a number of pages/topics to maximize user understanding and satisfaction. Some of the topics are also available at the following YouTube Links:

PIVOT Webinars
 are provided by the RefWorks/COS, the developer of the database search tool.  When you click on the PIVOT Webinars link, you have the option to set the time zone to show the local times and dates for upcoming webinars that have open registration.  Additionally, there are some pre-recorded trainings available on the site as well.

Training sessions will be made available, on campus, when the S&T account has been fully set-up.  


Networking Tools

Comparison of research networking tools and research profiling systems.

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