Compliance Mission

The Missouri University of Science and Technology compliance program encompasses faculty, staff, and students who engage in research as well as many administrative components.  The Office of Sponsored Programs and the Associate Director of Compliance serve together as the coordinating compliance officials for externally funded research and sponsored projects.  It is the responsibility of the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), in conjunction with the Associate Director of Compliance to provide the interface between the various components of compliance to ensure research is conducted with integrity and in compliance with all applicable regulations.


The Integrity and Accountability Hotline

As members of the University community, we remain committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment where each individual is valued and respected, and where we uphold core values of integrity, honesty and ethical conduct. We strive to promote and foster a “speak up” culture that makes our institution a better place to live, learn and work.

Reporting concerns when they arise is one means for our University community to continuously uphold our values. A tool we have available to help in this effort is the Integrity and Accountability Hotline, which has combined with the Bias Hotline and transitioned to a new vendor. You will see new posters (PDF) displayed in common areas on your university campus, featuring the hotline’s contact information and a QR code connecting directly to online reporting.

The Integrity and Accountability Hotline is available for all faculty and staff at or (844) 469-6383, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in multiple languages. Reports to the hotline can be made anonymously, from your work or personal device, either online or via voicemail.

Why is compliance important?

Compliance with policies is critical to institutional accountability.  Policy compliance at Missouri S&T may be addressed through many avenues.  To manage all forms of compliance, we provide the following support:


For issues not addressed above, the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation may provide assistance.  For fiscal compliance concerns or those involving ITAR or export controls, please contact our compliance officer.